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Research Topics

My Publications are relevant to the following 12 areas of economics (see lists of my publications on these topics below)   

Overview of my research achievements

The principal overarching theme of my research is the study of marriage markets and their possible impact on a wide range of outcomes at both the microeconomic and the macroeconomic level.

I view marriage and cohabitation as institutions that help organize the allocation of time to household production, including the “production” of children and child outcomes. Consequently, one of the areas in which I am active as a researcher is the study of A/ household production, including time in household production.

Time spent in household production is not spent in the labor force. This has led to one of my principal themes of research within the area of labor economics: labor supply. In addition I have also published on the subject of wage determination, and how labor productivity could possibly be a function of help from other household members. I am therefore also engaged in B/ labor economics (Labor Supply and Wage Determination).

Inspired by my principal mentor, Gary Becker, I have theorized on the impact of sex ratios (the ratios of men to women) on marriage markets. Sex ratios are often measured at the macro level. I have explored their possible impact on production, consumption and savings at the state or national level, a major theme of my contributions to C/ Macro-Economics (Production, Consumption, Savings, Household).

The bulk of my work can be categorized as demographic economics, to the extent that it analyzes these three outcomes: marriage, cohabitation and fertility (D/ Demographic Economics (Marriage, Cohabitation, Fertility). I have also studied sexual behavior and how it possibly explains marital and non-marital fertility, which is now considered part of E/ Health Economics and Economics of Risky Behavior (Obesity, Teen Sex, Long-Term Care). Another risky behavior is over-eating and I recently got involved in research on obesity and its implications for work in the labor market. Another recent direction that I have taken as a researcher is entry into the study of long term care and how marital institutions possibly help explain the provision of such care by relatives.

Production by households is also related to consumption of commercial goods: whatever is not produced at home may be purchased commercially. Marriage market analysis is therefore also relevant to F/ Consumer Economics, another theme of my research. Ultimately, what is the goal of household production and consumption? Happiness and other good feelings, an outcome I have also studied (G/ Economics of Happiness).  I have also written a bit on policy issues and governance (H/ Public Policy and Governance) and I/ Religious behavior.

Studying marriage implies studying marriage institutions and the laws that influence these institutions. This has led me to also engage in research about J/ Law and Economics (Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce).  Since so much of the research on marriage has been produced within other disciplines such as sociology and anthropology, I have also written on K/ inter-disciplinary comparisons. Finally, a few of my recent publications deal with the recent L/ History of Economic Thought,in part thanks to my exposure to some of the principal innovators in the field of household economics: Gary Becker and Jacob Mincer.

In conclusion, my publications are relevant to the following 12 areas of economics:

  1. Household Production, including Time in Household Production
  2. Labor Economics (Labor Supply and Wage Determination)
  3. Macro-Economics (Production, Consumption, Savings, Household)
  4. Demographic Economics (Marriage, Cohabitation, Fertility)
  5. Health Economics and Economics of Risky Behavior (Obesity, Teen Sex, Long-Term Care)
  6. Consumer Economics
  7. Economics of Happiness
  8. Public Policy and Governance
  9. Economics of Religion
  10. Law and Economics (Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce)
  11. Interdisciplinary Comparisons
  12. History of Economic Thought

A list of my publications classified according to these categories can be found below.

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Singling out two themes of my research:

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List of publications in 12 areas

I am hereby listing my recent unpublished papers and all my publications according to these 12 areas of research:

A. Household Production, including Time in Household Production

B. Labor Economics (Labor Supply and Wage Determination)

C. Macro-Economics (Production, Consumption, Savings, Sex Ratios)

D. Demographic Economics (Marriage, Cohabitation, Fertility)

E. Health Economics and Economics of Risky Behavior (Obesity, Teen Sex, Long-Term Care)

F. Consumer Economics

G. Economics of Happiness

H. Public Policy and Governance

I. Economics of Religion

J. Law and Economics (Law and Economics of Marriage and Divorce)

K. Inter-Disciplinary

L. History of Economic Thought

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