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Praise for the Review of Economics of the Household as of February 2017

"You deserve a great deal of credit for the way you launched this journal and kept it going in the face of many difficulties."

Victor Fuchs
Henry J. Kaiser, Jr., Professor of Economics and of Health Research and Policy, emeritus
Stanford University

"Shoshana Grossbard has used her admirable energy to promote family economics. She deserves high praise for her accomplishments in this sphere." 

Edward P. Lazear
Jack Steele Parker Professor of Human Resources Management and Economics
Stanford University

"The journal is an especially valuable outlet for research in health economics, including my own research, since there is a natural connection between that field and the economics of the household. Much research in health economics takes as a point of departure the fundamental difference between health as an output and medical care as only one of a number of inputs into the production of health. Given the key role of household time in the production of the health of its members, the Review of Economics of the Household is an exceedingly attractive journal in which to publish research in the filed of health economics."

Michael Grossman
Distinguished Professor of Economics
City University of New York Graduate Center
Health Economics Program Director and Research Associate
National Bureau of Economic Research

“You are a pioneer in the field of economics of the household!"

Valerie Ramey Professor of Economics University of California, San Diego


"The Review of Economics of the Household has very quickly become an important journal in the area of household economics defined broadly. I am impressed by the high quality of the papers--their technical rigor and exposition. Moreover, I appreciate the relevance of the research reported as it focuses on the world in which we live, as distinct from purely theoretical abstractions. In my own area of special interest, immigration research, REHo has become an important contributor to the field."

Barry R. Chiswick
Professor of Economics and International Affairs, George Washington University
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Chicago.

"I am writing to congratulate you on the success you have achieved in establishing the Review of Economics of the Household in such a relatively short time as one of the three or four journals world-wide that would be regarded as essential reading for anyone interested in the economics of the household, as well as being among the first two or three one would consider as an outlet for one's own work in this field. I think everyone working in this area, whether on theory, empirical analysis or policy, or, as in my case, all three, owes you a huge debt of gratitude for the hard work you have put in and the dedication you have shown to building up the reputation of the journal. I can assure you of my support in the continuation of this important work."

Ray Rees
Professor of Economics
Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre/Department of Economics
University of Munich
Ludwigstrasse 28/III VG
80539 Munich, Germany

“I've mentioned your name as an example of prominent female editors! There are very very few of you."

Frances Woolley Professor of Economics at Carlton University President-elect, Canadian Economics Association

"You essentially created the field that recognizes the importance of the household in the economy." "REHO is a fabulous journal"

Joni Hersch
Professor of Law and Economics
Vanderbilt University

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